You Need A GURU To Give Your Business The EDGE

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We get You FOUND with SEO strategies that WORK

Our GURU SEO Plans provide a continuous positive source for your organic online presence, offering an optimum balance of analysis, strategy and task implementation. We focus on maximizing your Search Engine visibility through the application of high quality SEO and cutting edge conversion optimization techniques.

We always document our work and recommendations, reviewing these with you on a monthly basis. You can see our progress during each month anytime you want through a shared Google doc.

We never make changes without your prior approval. As our relationship develops ,and with the growing visibility of your site with the Search Engines, we will continue to refine our SEO and Conversion Optimization strategies.

What We Do and Don’t

We Do

  • Put real world proven techniques to work for you
  • Improve your position on search engines and, ergo, your quantity of traffic
  • Put conversion optimization to work to ensure that traffic has quality and value

We Don’t

  • Provide a magical portal to another planet with nothing but new customers .. eventually, maybe, but we can’t promise that.
  • Swoop in to work like a buccaneer on a chandelier each day (but wish we did)
  • Provide dog food taste testing services

You Need More Than Just An SEO Expert

We are a group of SEO experts, designers, and programmers, all of which are essential to a successful online campaign

The Breakdown

Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations

With your help, we identify the best keyword phrases to focus on, approved by you, and established by our target market, target audience and competitor site analysis.

On-site SEO Techniques

  • This includes setting up the correct website structure (see below). Tags, editing titles, descriptions and meta data focusing on your keywords
  • Internal linking strategies
  • Content refining
  • Social media integration

Off-site SEO Techniques

Source and negotiate unique link opportunities for your site, optimizing your link profile with highly relevant, high quality, link prospects.

Google My Business

Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that potential customers can find you when location services are necessary. Google My Business is essential to maximizing your online presence and as such it requires focused attention

Since we aren’t just SEO experts, we also have programmers on staff. We have UNIQUE TOOLS to funnel good reviews to your Google profile.

Website Infrastructure

On commencement and then every month your Digital Analysts will check the technical infrastructure of your website to ensure that it is highly Search Engine-friendly and remains that way. This checklist incorporates more than 20 items including:

  • H1, H2 and H3 Tag Checks.
  • Image Alt Description Checks
  • Image Optimization (improves page loading times)
  • Keyword Density Checks
  • Google Analytics Tracking, Goals Tracking
  • Check and Fix Broken Internal Links
  • Resolve 404 “Page Not Found” Errors
  • Implement Google Webmaster Tools, Crawl, HTML, Sitemap errors
  • Create and Submit Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Files
  • Defer Javascript Parsing (fancy term for moving items that take time to load to the bottom of the page)
  • Minify Javascript and CSS files
  • Plus approximately 10 more minor checks and tweaks

Benchmark Reports & Ongoing Reporting

On commencement we prepare and present to you Benchmark Reports for your online profile. This includes organic search traffic, referral traffic and selected keyword rankings.

Each month you receive a detailed report about what we have accomplished, the breakdown on traffic and conversion data, and what we are focusing on for the next month.

The Plans

All of our plans have generally the same methodology and task orientation, they simply vary on the amount of time we spend on activities for your company each month. The more competitive and/or broad your target keywords or market is, and depending on you current status, you’ll need a plan that will provide enough time to put you in a top position. We can help you choose the right plan. Just send us an email at the bottom of this page and we’ll do a full analysis at no charge.

GURU20 SEO Activity Plan

GURU20 provides your company with a 7 hours of our services per month at a cost of $450 per month and a $265 setup fee.

This plan would be a good fit if you are in a smaller market, relatively mild competitive online environment that is not too saturated.

GURU30 SEO Activity Plan

The GURU30 provides your company with a 13 hours of our services per month at a cost of $900 per month and a $275 setup fee.

This plan will work for a company that has medium-high competition levels, still a relatively local target audience. This plan is also good for fast ranking in low competition environments by companies with new domains.

GURU40 SEO Activity Plan

The GURU40 provides your company with a 21 hours of our services per month at a cost of $1400 per month and a $275 setup fee.

This plan is for you if you are in a highly competitive market with medium to high saturation levels. Strong local and national level online presence is needed.

GURU50 SEO Activity Plan

When you need to unlock that inner tiger.

With the GURU50 plan you receive the full attention of one of our experts. We will pair you with the right tech and they will be your sole point of contact. We will be reporting on a weekly basis and

The GURU50 provides your company with a minimum of 40 hours of our services per month at a cost of $2950 per month and a $275 setup fee.

What are you waiting for?

How soon can we start?

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a simple, plain English agreement confirming all the deliverables ready for your signature. You can find that here along with a link to our deposit form. This is a $275 one-time setup fee. We can usually commence within 3 days of receiving your signature and deposit. You’ll be billed the first of each month (first month prorated if necessary).

Get a free report or simply contact us via the form below.